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RV and Boat Water Storage:

TwinOxide is used in over 45 countries around the globe in the recreational vehicle (RV) and yacht industry, primarily in the sanitization of the water storage tanks. Typically, it has been very difficult to maintain clean water storage tanks on RV’s and yachts. This is due to the infrequent use of these vehicles, resulting in extended periods of time with the water sitting stagnant, oftentimes in hot environments, creating the perfect environment to grow algae and bacteria. TwinOxide easily addresses these issues by killing off all bacteria, algae and spores, eliminating any chance for Legionella, or other harmful bacteria. TwinOxide is easily administered and is corrosive free so it won’t damage or discolor water fixtures.

For more information on specific uses of TwinOxide in the RV and Boat Water Storage Tanks please see the available information below.


RV and Boat Water Storage industry Information:

RV and Yacht Water Storage Information:

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