Dosing System:

TwinOxide is used in over 45 countries around the globe to safely and effectively disinfect contaminated water or surfaces and there are numerous methods of dosing, or administering, TwinOxide products to sanitize drinking water or disinfect surfaces in a safe, simple and effective method.

For drinking water applications, TwinOxide is often administered at lower concentrations (0.5 – 1.5 ppm) than the original concentration (3,000 ppm) so a dosing system is often used to effectively lower the concentration. This coupled with a water flow sensor and residual CLO2 monitoring probe, provides a simple and effective solution to contaminated water, including eliminating Legionella, biofilms, THM’s, etc.

For hard surface sanitization in places like restaurants, gyms, schools, daycares, protein processing facilities and anywhere it is critical to have the surface completely sanitized to prevent the spread of bacteria or viruses, TwinOxide is often administered with electric misters, sprayers or foam applicators.

For more information on specific dosing of TwinOxide, please see the available information below.

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Industrial Dosing Systems Information:

spray and Foam Applicator Systems Information:

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