TwinOxide® | Total Water Disinfection

Superior Disinfection Power!

TwinOxide® is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to disinfect water unlike chlorine or other products.  TwinOxide® does not produce disinfection by-products and kills the full spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and spores.

What is TwinOxide®?

TwinOxide generates a 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide solution that is applied as a water disinfectant. 

It is delivered as a powder or tablet kit of Component A and Component B. Once added to water, TwinOxide develops into a stable, consistent and reliable 3000 ppm chlorine dioxide solution. The solid TwinOxide kits are easy to store and distribute with a shelf life of 5 years.


General TwinOxide information


irrigation, agriculture, sprinkling

Agriculture Industry


brewery, beer, distillery

Beverage Industry


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Food Industry


surgery, operation, hospital

Hospital/Medical Industry


nuclear power plant, cooling tower, sunrise

industrial Applications


lighthouse, navigation, beacon

Maritime Industry


kitchen, sink, faucet

Municipal Drinking and Wastewater Industry


swimming pool, infinity swimming pool, c

Pool and Spa Industry


bar, pub, restaurant

Restaurant/Food Service Industry


mobile home, rv, canada

RV/Boat Water Storage Application


hospital, indoors, medicine

Dosing Systems

Why Choose TwinOxide®


- Powerful Oxidizing Agent With High Residual Disinfection Capability
- Effective Against All Waterborne Microorganisms (Spores, Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa, Fungi, Yeast and Algae)
- Very Short Contact Time
- Long Residual Disinfection in Distribution Systems (Over 42 Days)
- High Efficiency in the Removal of Iron and Mangenese Compounds
- Destroys Algae-Related Taste and Odor Issues
- And so much more!

Health and Environmental Advantages

- Marine Friendly
- Eco-Friendly, No Undesirable Residues
- Effective Against Airborne Pathogens When 'Misted'
- Does Not Generate Toxic By-Products Or Carcinogenic Properties
- Does Not Produce Bromate (Like Ozone)
- Unlike Chlorine, TwinOxide Does Not React With Ammonia Or Ammonium

Delivery, Storage & Dosing

- 5 Years Guaranteed Shelf Life In Powder Form
- Consistent And Stabile Solution
- Easy To Apply, Standard Industrial Dosage Equipment
- Over 42 Days Biocidal Life When Added To Water
- Produces 99.9% Pure Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2)
- Simple, Controlled, Consistent Dosing